Member Area
Kwanchai Aswawongsonti - Bailli

The President of the Bailliage The Bailli is appointed and entrusted by the Bailli Delegue National with the management and organisation of the Bailliage and is accountable to that office. The Bailli is responsible for recruiting new members, organising dinners and other events. He/she is supported by a Bureau/Council whose members are chosen by the Bailli and confirmed by the Bailli Deleque.

  +66 (0) 82-024-5555

Frank Grassmann - Vice Echanson&OMGD

Vice Echanson&OMGD is in charge of activities, functions and administration relating to Société Mondiale du Vin and organising OMGD events. He assists in selection of wines for all bailliage functions and are generally responsible for the bailliage wine cellar, if any.

Massimo Bernardi -Vice Chancelier-Admin

Vice Chancelier-Admin is responsible for taking charge of and support the team's endeavors for the office administration.

Mark Jones - Vice Conseiller Culinaire

The Vice Conseiller Culinaire assists the Bailli to chair the food and beverage committee for the Chaine events.

Julien Thomas - Vice Argentier

Vice Argentier is responsible for accounting&tax administration, finance and payments of expenditures of the Chaine des Rotisseurs Phuket.

Ian Jamieson - Vice Chargé de Presse

Vice Chargé de Presse is responsible for press relations and publications issued by the Bailliage, under the direction of the Bailli. He is responsible for regular communication with the Siège Mondial in order to make sure it is kept informed of the events in the Bailliage so that the reports can be published in the international publications of La Chaîne. He coordinates press relations and publicity with the Chargés de Presse Nationale.