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History Of Bailliage De Phuket

La Chaine in Phuket was established in 2003 by Geoffrey Bond, alongside his father Michael Bond, who continues to grace dinners in Bangkok, boasting an impressive 36-year tenure with the Chaine. The inaugural Intronization ceremony graced the halls of the Evason Resort in Rawai in December 2003, with Tom MacNamara assuming the mantle of the first Bailli. Alongside him, Stephen Roberto, then Sommelier at Baan Rim Pa, and a cadre of Baan Rim Pa staff members, played instrumental roles in the Chaine's genesis. Regrettably, Tom MacNamara's luminous journey came to a close in late 2008, after valiantly confronting cancer. Among the esteemed founding members stood Sue Ultmann, Thomas Brack, and Peter Smith. The year 2004 saw Peter Hourighan, the astute General Manager of The Phuket Hilton, assume the prestigious title of Bailli, only to later relocate to Perth in 2005. In 2005, a fresh chapter dawned with the appointment of a new council, under the stewardship of Howard Digby Johns as Bailli. Notably, Peter Smith ascended to the role of Vice Chancelier in April 2005. His distinguished journey culminated in assuming the mantle of Bailli in June 2012, gracefully bowing out in April 2015, after a decade of dedicated service to the Phuket Council, punctuated by orchestrating the resplendent 10th anniversary celebration. His unwavering commitment was immortalized with the bestowal of a Bronze Medal during the Intronization dinner at the Banyon Tree on April 22, 2016. In April 2015, the reins gracefully transitioned to Ian Lancaster, who orchestrated the illustrious 15th anniversary festivities in 2018. After an illustrious five-year tenure, Ian bid adieu to his stewardship at the close of 2019, receiving due accolades with a Silver Medal in 2020 for his illustrious contributions. Adam Goodman stepped into the role of Bailli at the Intercon Hotel Chapitre in early 2020 but regrettably relinquished his duties in July 2021 due to familial obligations. Ian Lancaster resumed his illustrious stewardship in August 2021. Following Ian's tenure, Kwanchai Aswawongsonti ascended to the esteemed position of Bailli in July 2023, embarking on a new chapter for La Chaine in Phuket.