Member Area

Why join the Chaine?

If you are interested in joining the Chaine, it maybe just that you have attended a dinner or were enjoying a good glass of wine and something to eat with some of our members. Where ever it was, if you contact us we will put you on our mailing list……and explore ways of joining a great group of foodies here in Phuket. Our Intronization Ceremony (where we formally present your Chaine and you complete your new member process), usually occurs in April/May each year. This and the Oh My God (OMG) dinner are the only Black Tie events in Phuket. The other events are all relatively casual and dress code is smart resort casual.

What is the history of the Chaine?

La Chaine des Rotisseurs- an organization that dates back almost 800 years to 1248 in Paris. The Chaine disappeared during the French Revolution but phoenix like rose again in 1950. The Chaine in Thailand was established over 40 years ago and in Phuket almost 13 years ago. People who belong to the Chaine enjoy good food and wine, as well as the ambiance and comradery of the Table. The Chaine was the Guild for those that roasted the goose and later those that cooked all meats on the spit. Essentially the workers who enjoyed preparing good food. Around 7,000 members globally are Professional members and about 18,000 are Non-professional members- they simply enjoy being in the company of those that like Good Food and Wine. Yes but there are lots of wine dinners in Phuket?

As a Chaine member youn are part of a global fraternity of over 25,000 members spread over more than 80 countries with many branches within a Country. In Thailand, apart from Phuket, there are also the Bangkok and Pattaya Chapters. You are entitled as a member to attend Chaine functions anywhere ydon, Paris, Milan, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore or Hong Kong

How do I find out about dinners and events?

Our dinners are posted at least a month ahead on our Website and circulated on Facebook. After each dinner we prepare a report and post photos of the event on our the website.

Isn’t the Chaine too stuffy and formal?

Dress is resort casual, and whilst we aim to hold about 9 events a year. Resort Casual is the typical sensible dress style in tropical Phuket. Some people are reluctant to join as they believe we are too stuffy or formal although if you look at the photos from each of our dinners on our website, you will see just how informal and relaxed our events are –see events

So what are the fees?

The first year of membership costs 10,000/15,000 baht and if your partner or spouse also wants to join then the additional cost is 12,500 baht. This covers the cost of your “Chaine” (sometimes titled 'Ribbon')- the Chaine regalia. Membership is for a calendar year but if you join after September then there is no further membership fees due until the following year. In the second and subsequent years the cost is 5,000/7,000 baht and for your partner, the cost is 6,500 baht.

How do I attend a dinner?

We suggest you look at our website in detail, especially the photos from recent dinners to see the casual nature of the group, understand the different types of food and wine we have enjoyed. Then come along and attend some dinners/events as a guest. Just email and a council member will invite you as a guest. We look forward to seeing you at one of our dinners/events soon.