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The Regional Council and members of the Bailliage Régional de Phuket are dedicated to raising the standards of fine dining in the Province. We work with hôteliers and restaurateurs to present menus and matching wine selections of the highest calibre. Our functions allow chefs de cuisine and maîtres d'hôtel of the host venues to escape their routine and regular preparations as they meet the challenge of creating an Extravagance Gastronomique for the world’s foremost gastronomic society.

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Legal Disclaimer: Membership of La Chaine is entirely voluntary. All Council positions are honorary, and officers may not accept direction nor financial reward, nor inducement of any nature. All La Chaine events must be social, recognizing La Chaîne is the symbol of a major culture of pleasure and of the friendship of the table, extending across all continents. Culture and humanity, pleasure and friendship know no political boundaries, no differences between people and races, no conflicts of parties and religions. The pledge of the rôtisseur places the art of fine cuisine and fine dining at the centre of duties, along with friendship and respect for the dignity of others.